XBMC + XBox + HTPC = XBMCBox. Part 3 – Additional USB Ports

It has been more than 1 year since I first modded the XBOX into a HTPC. Here’s a summary if anyone is interested.

I am now needing 2 additional USB ports for the XBMCBox for the USB connection to the Maverick Audio DAC and another USB connection to the MCE IR receiver which I bought because I am experimenting with using J River. So I break out the toolbox and cut some holes. As usual, I am very poor in my handyman skills….the final outcome is functional but not so great looking. Here are some pictures:

The only place left on the XBOX chassis that I think can accomodate 2 x USB ports.


Here is the inside picture of the XBox. See the blank section. That would be ideal for USB ports.



All I need is a twin USB ports with motherboard header connections. This cost a few bucks from eBay.


Final outcome – Voila! 2 new USB ports….albeit poorly constructed :-)


Thanks for visiting :-)