Iphone – How to transfer MP4 video from MxTube to Air Sharing Pro

I have a jailbreak iphone and have been using MxTube to download youtube videos to the phone for offline viewing. This is an especially useful feature for me. The trouble is that MxTube has no folder management built-in and all the videos are dumped into one primary folder and it is such a hassle to search for a particular video by scrolling the screen up and down.

The most straightforward solution to this is to offload the MP4 videos to the PC and then transfer these videos to the ipod app of the iphone via itunes. Unfortunately I don’t really like itunes very much and I opt to find another way.

After combing the internet, this is a workaround that I am going to use for now. This is the steps required:

1. Download youtube videos using MxTube as usual. These videos will be located in the /user/Media/MxTube directory of the iphone. This folder is not viewable without further hacking the iphone. I forgot what app I used to hack this feature and I will come back later to fill this.

2. Download this free PC app called iPhoneBrowser. I download the portable version (I love portable apps) from http://fcportables.blogspot.com/2009/11/portable-iphonebrowser-193.html. Install this app, connect the iphone to the PC using the sync cable. Load this app and browse to /user/Media/MxTube directory and all the video files should be there. Select the video files required and save them to a temporary directory on the PC.

3. On the iphone, download and pay for this software called Air Sharing Pro.  Install this and go to setup and enable sharing. Now press the wireless icon and Air Sharing Pro will identify a suitable IP address for the PC to connect to. On the iphone, create the necessary folders in Air Sharing Pro.

4. On the PC, drag the video from the aforementioned temporary directory to the new folder in Air Sharing Pro.

That’s all to it really.

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