Setting up the Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro LS-QVL/R5 NAS (Part 4)

This is part 4 of the series on setting up the Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro LS-QVL/R5 NAS.

Installing a Web Based File Manager – eXtplorer

While the Buffalo NAS’s built-in web admin interface is pretty good, it lacks a good file manager. My first try is to install Ajax Explorer but for whatever reasons, I cannot get it working for me. Another good alternative is eXtplorer which can be downloaded for free here. A great installation guide can be found here.

The first try to install this software works and I believe I will stay with this one for the NAS.

This is essentially how I did it:

1. Download the zip archive from the website and unzip to a temporary directory on the local PC, in my case – d:\temp.

2. Use WinSCP to securely login into the NAS. Browse to the location where the NAS store the user webpages. On my system, this is located at /mnt/array1/web, where the directory “web” was created automatically by the system when the web server module was setup the first time via the web admin interface.

This is how the web admin interface’s web server module should look like:

This is how WinSCP should look like at this stage:

Note that the directory “htdocs” is where we want to copy the eXtplorer files into. But first, we need to do a bit of background preparation.

3. Putty into the NAS box. Change to the /mnt/array1/Web directory. Execute the following commands.

# cd htdocs

# mkdir extplorer

# chmod 777 extplorer

4. Now we are ready to copy the files to the NAS. Copy All the files including the sub directories on the local PC.

This is how WinSCP looks like after the file copy is completed.

5. It is suggested here that we should go back and chmod 777 the extplorer directory. I did exactly the same.

While in putty, change directory to /mnt/array1/Web/htdocs.

# chmod 777 extplorer

6. The next step is to chmod the internal eXtplorer directory.

Still in putty,do these:

# cd extplorer

# chmod 777 ftp_tmp

# cd config

# chmod 666 .htusers.php

This should be pretty much it.

7. On the web browser, browse to Note that the port 81 was previously determined when the web server was first setup up via the web admin interface. The web browser should display something like this:

This indicates that the installation is successful. We need to login next. The default username and password is “admin”. Change this when we successfully login.

Click the Admin Tool and add the correct user and password. Play around with some settings to familiarize with eXtplorer. It is a very capable tool.

I have set the home directory to / because I intend to use eXtplorer to manage the NAS files directly from the web interface. Take note that by doing this, some system files can be accidentally altered/deleted. So be careful.

eXtplorer is extremely useful and is highly recommended.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the good tutorial (including the posts before). Helped me setup my Buffalo NAS. Ssh worked like a charm and I set up the eXtplorer.

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