How to get Asus O!play R1 to connect to Windows 7 Share

Updated 2011.06.27

I am having all sort of troubles trying to connect my Asus O!play R1 to a Windows 7 Share and after searching the net for an answer, it appears that a hack to the windows registry is necessary.

These are all the revised settings to the registry. After this, the Asus O!play should be able to connect to the windows share with the appropriate username and password.




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  1. We can’t see a thing on that capture …

  2. Sorry. A bigger screenshot is now available. Hope this helps.

  3. Does this work for others? Have tried still no success with logon. I have Password Protected Sharing ON, have shared resource to Everyone with R/W access and have applied registry edits as above. Same problem…

  4. edit: now working after consulting other websites on final pieces of puzzle, That is, do not use active user account (create new account in Windows with u/n: OPlayer p/w: OPlayer credentials – debatable on whether is has to be these exact credentials or not) and apply new user account to share with read access which is sufficient. Also new OPlayer user account does not have to be Administrator, Standard is working fine for me!

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