Buffalo Quad Pro – HDD Spindown?

I do not seem to recall that the Quad Pro has a HDD spindown feature but upon inspection of the Web Admin after I updated the firmware to v1.52, I found this. This may have been old news but to me this is NEW! Certainly very interesting (though I am not sure if this is any useful to me as I tend to run my hard drives 24/7).

I have enabled the feature for now to have a test how things work out……and will report back my observations.

Edit 2011.08.02

I have enabled the hdd spindown feature for a day or so but it is apparently not working on my system. After reading the comments posted by one of the reader (Shonk perhaps?), I come to understand that this is actually meant for future use for a future mod.

Nevertheless, this is the screenshot of “mod.sh” (as requested) being run on the console with “hdd spindown” enabled.

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  1. The HDD Spindown interface was enabled for future use by Shonk
    It works from 1.53 Mod1b

    With spindown set to 20mins idle time
    Spindown works but its unknown at this point if any services will
    stop the device from spinning down or keep waking the hd up

  2. Shonk would appreciate a
    screenshot of /etc/init.d/mod.sh being run from telnet or ssh on a quad device
    with spindown enabled on the web interface

    Just to confirm all drives are being set

  3. Hi, the screenshot is now posted above. Do let me know if you need other info. Cheers

  4. Thanks Joseph
    I meant on 1.53 mod1b though
    as spindown isnt enabled on any before
    just the web interface

  5. Hello there.
    I just bought myself a Buffalo Linkstation and was struggling to get root access. Then I found your site and it even had lots of easy-to-understand tricks for us newbies.
    I’m looking forward to your next entry!

  6. Hi Daniel,

    I am glad you find the articles useful. I am now doing up several articles all related to the linkstation. So watch these pages 🙂


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