Buffalo Quad Pro – Yellow Alert!

Two days ago, the quad pro started to give me the “yellow” treatment. The LED indicating light get stuck in the yellow mode and refuse to budge. The NAS is still fully functional however. On checking the error message with NASNavigator, it reports “Unknown Error I52”.

I knew before hand what error I52 actually refers to and this saves me from panicking. Error 52 is the way Buffalo wanted to tell you that a latest firmware for the NAS is available for download. They could have at least named the error as “Firmware I52” instead of “Unknown Error”. This will be much more sensible and logical for the end user.

Since there is no way I can turn the error off, I can either be happy staring at the yellow indicating light instead of the soothing blue light (the yellow light is just plain annoying to me), or I can just go ahead to upgrade the firmware.

Buffalo should at least give us the opportunity to decide for ourselves if we actually wanted to upgrade the firmware. By giving us the “yellow alert”, it is like telling the users that they MUST upgrade.

Anyway, I decided to check what firmware is now available….given that I have only updated the firmware to v1.43 (Shonk’s mod) recently. It appears that the latest firmware available todate is v1.52 (v1.53 is available in beta) and it also appears that buffalo has fixed quite a number of stuff in this firmware. So I am happy to upgrade.

I also checked that Shonk has released his v1.52 mod. Kudos to Shonk again. I decided to bypass the original buffalo firmware this time and just use Shonk’s version.

Shonk’s v1.52mod1 can be downloaded here:


The installation process is the same as the previous firmware upgrade. Painless.

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  1. Update Notifications are Disabled from 1.53 Mod1b

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