Itunes v10.5 break Buffalo Linkstation’s iTunes Server

Because my Buffalo Linkstation is such a reliable little machine, I have not been hanging out with it for a while now. It is just sitting there quietly, serving files and making automated mirror backups all on its own. Nice.

But after I upgraded my itunes to the latest v10.5.1, suddenly I find that it is no longer recognizing the itunes server on the buffalo linkstation. It just appear to be stuck in a search loop and nothing comes out of it.

A quick google search reveals that this is a known problem and Buffalo has just released an updated fimware to resolve this issue.

You can grab the latest v1.56 firmware here ->

I am currently using v1.54 firmware from Shonk and it looks like I will have to update the firmware again. Let me just say that upgrading firmware on a NAS is not exactly what i would call “fun”. So I will get to this part later when I can find time to do so.

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  1. Dear Joseph,

    Could you tell me how I can get the Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro NAS Media Server to show .RMVB file ? I am on firmware v1.56

    If I rename the file from .rmvb to .mkv, the file appear on the DLNA Client.

    Your Guide to Buffalo Linkstation Quad is Very Helpfull.
    Many Thanks.
    Regards Dat.

  2. Hi Dat,

    I am glad u enjoy my Buffalo Linkstation articles.

    I don’t currently stream the movie files via the builtin DLNA client. The media player I used (currently the Asus o!play) is connected to the NAS via standard SMB protocol and this is the way I currently preferred – stable, fast and robust.

    Sorry, can’t help u there with the DLNA client.


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