Life with rooted HTC EVO3D GSM

After using my HTC EVO3D for these few weeks, here are my observations and experience. This is not meant to be a hate post, just a general honest opinion.

  • I kept hitting the camera button unintentionally during normal usage. My pinkie finger seems to like the camera button too much. No big deal but it is an annoyance sometimes.
  • The phone runs HOT. Pun not intended. I find that my phone (and my wife’s) runs warm to the touch if we use it more than 20 mins (say browsing the internet). This may be due to the fact that the phone has a dual core processor and it is running at 1.2GHz speed. I might be wrong but I am led to believe that only 1 core runs most of the time and unless you run an intensive app like a 3D game and whatnot, then this will trigger the CPU to run in dual core mode. I stand corrected if this is not the case. I am not sure how can a phone by design can run at this kind of temperature. I have not used any other Android phones so I guess I am not in the position to compare or complain.
  • On a few occassions, my wife’s unrooted EVO3D has background google sync running (unintentionally) and for whatever reasons, the process kept running and refuse to quit. This happens for like 5 hours or so without us knowing, and by the time my wife found out, the battery level has dropped from full charge to 20% or so and the phone is really warm to the touch. I am not going to bash HTC or Android but this does not impress me whatsoever.
  • The battery life of the EVO3D (whether rooted and unrooted) is not impressive. I manage to make some improvement to this and will share my experience in the next post.
  • GPS sucks battery life big time. Never run GPS navigation without using another power source like a car charger.
  • It seems to me that there are a lot of background tasks/apps running at the same time. Killing a background task or a running app is also not as straightforward as I have hoped. It just gives me the impression that the operating environment is a bit bloated.
  • The HTC sense interface novelty wears off quickly. Some people loves it, however. I find I am constantly panning the screen left and right to get to the widget I have. The UI does not seem very efficient to me.
  • I love the screen. Watching youtube clips on the phone is a joy. Nice and sharp. 4.3″ screen size does seem a tad big for me. Perhaps a 4″ screen will be better.
  • Ability to customize almost any part of the phone OS. This is a double-edged sword, however. Too much customization can break the experience.
  • I like the ability for the phone to connect to my home network like a PC. Copying files to and fro the NAS is a breeze. Nice.

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