Buffalo Quad Pro – Where are the serials?

Today I had wanted to download the latest version of the NAS Navigator software from Buffalo’s website. Not a complicated procedure by any means. However, the thing that bugs me is that the website insists that I input a valid serial number before granting me access. I think this is lame because what else are you going to use the firmware/software for if you don’t already have a buffalo NAS.

As I do not have the serial number, I have to get behind the NAS to take a look. Here is a poorly done capture. As a side note, the NAS also requires some cleaning as dusts are starting to clog up the cooling fan.


Note that the serial number is a 14 digit number (no alpha characters) and is indicated at the bottom left side of the label as shown above. Take note also the correct model of the NAS. In my case, this is “LS-QVL/E-AP”. This info will come in handy later.

If you don’t want to peek behind the NAS, you can also get the same info on the box that comes with the NAS. Here is a screenshot where the serial number can be found:


Note the red arrow in the picture above.

Okay. Life is still not rosy even when I have the correct info…..

When I navigated to this site: http://www.buffalotech.com/support-and-downloads/downloads , it is asking first for the correct model number. I could not find the model that is associated with my NAS (a LS-QVL/E-AP) so I chose the one that mostly resemble the actual unit I have and input the serial number…..Nope. This does not work.



Then I realize that the website that I navigated to is a US support site. I changed the region (go to the top right hand corner of the website) to Australia and bingo! The correct model number appears.



So the story is that a LS-QVL/R5 series is NOT the same as a LS-QVL/E series. I never knew there is a distinction between the 2 models. I always thought it is a different designation to distinguish the region sort of thing. I know now that I was wrong. I don’t think I would bother to find out what are the differences between the E series vs R5 series at this point. The NAS has been reliable so far.

Anyway, after navigating to the correct Australia support site (http://www.buffalo-asia.com/australia/downloads/where.php), everything is smooth sailing from there on.

I hope this info is a time saver fro you.

Happy NAS’ing.




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  1. I believe the difference between the LS-QVL/E-AP and R5 is that you can’t upgrade or change the size of the drives that are in the R5. You can change the drives in an e/AP all that you want. You can’t get the e/AP in the USA, it only in Asia. I recommend the e/AP over the R5 wholeheartedly.

  2. Thanks solarsails for that info 🙂

  3. Your welcome ….great article by the way!

  4. Very Helpful!
    Thank you.

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