Ikea Strala Santa – The wonderful little LED lamp

Just before X’mas this year, Ikea promised that the prices to many of their products will be slashed up to 50%. We went to Ikea one Friday afternoon just to take a look. We don’t really have anything in mind to buy (so the intention is just to do some window shopping)….but I left with this wonderful little thing that I thought I should share in my blog. I normally don’t blog about household items but I think this lamp deserve a page of its own. The lamp that I find so interesting is the Ikea Strala Santa.

2013-12-29 09_07_38-STRÅLA Santa - IKEA

The normal price to this lamp is A$12.99 but the prices was slashed to just A$4.00. I bought just one and on hindsight I should have bought another and perhaps two more. What is so special about this lamp to me?

Here are some of the highlights of this little lamp:

1. It uses an 0.3W LED and combined with the diffuser, the light it emits is warm and pleasing. Not harsh to the eyes and looks good in the bedroom especially.


2. It came with a “LED power supply” which is none other than a simple USB charger capable of an output of 5W @ 1A. So this charger is perfectly capable of charging a phone for instance. 



3. It came with 2 rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries which powers the lamp. The AA batteries is rated only 1000 mAH but there is no reason you cannot substitute these with a higher capacity Ni-MH batteries if you really wanted to. I wouldn’t use a brand new Ni-MH cells for the lamp however, but I have plenty of those Ni-MH that have worn out over time. Most newer Ni-MH batteries are rated at least 2000mAH these days. The Sanyo Eneloop go up to 2550mAH for instance.


Why I like it:

1. It is an “Emergency light” in disguise. With the lamp plugged into the USB charger, the battery is continuously being charged. So if there is a power supply failure, the lamp will have power up to 20 hours (according to Ikea’s instruction manual). Emergency lights in commercial usage only have a 2-hours battery life (when power fails) so the 20 hours battery life of the Ikea Strala is outstanding in my opinion. And if you use one of the latest 2000mAH Ni-MH batteries, you should be able to get up to 40 hours battery life and that is 5 days of continuous night usage. Outstanding in my opinion.

2. It is great as a night light in the bedroom, more so if you have little children or elderly people in the house.

3. It is cheap and backed by the “warranty” of Ikea. And if the lamp broke down, you will find yourself with a spare USB charger and that’s not a bad thing 🙂 And if you are into Raspberry Pi kind of thing, this will get you a USB charger at no extra cost 🙂

Thanks for reading. I hope this article is interesting to you.

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  1. Hi, i also bought this light in in asis / bargin corner for only 0,50 Euro IKEA Freiburg/Germany.you would pay normaly 5 Euro for the 1000 mA supply unit alone and i like the light!

  2. I bought 2 of these and i would like to buy more for my mother i m from italy can you tell me where i can buy them? Thank yuo

  3. I believed this has since been discontinued by ikea. …

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