Dell Mini 1012 – Windows 8 64 bit

This will be a very short post….

I am using Windows 8 on my main workstation as well as my other notebook. I have been wondering if Windows 8 can be installed on the Dell Mini 1012 and if possible, what kind of performance should I be expecting given that the netbook is a pretty low end machine afterall. The Atom N450 is a 64 bit capable CPU and I am also pretty confident that a 64 bit Windows 8 can be made to run comfortably. Many posts on the forums said windows 8 on a netbook is a nightmare…but I have to try myself to believe that…and I am glad I did.

I have a 64 bit Windows 8 ISO which I downloaded from Microsoft’s server a while ago when I first upgraded my workstation and notebook to Windows 8. I used the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool from Microsoft to make a bootable USB stick from the Windows 8 ISO. From there onwards, installation is a breeze. Just follow the instructions.

The good thing about Windows 8 on the Dell mini 1012 is that all the drivers are properly installed during the process. There is one driver that is missing…I have not tracked down what is missing but the netbook seem fully functional nevertheless. Here are some screenshots.


2014.02.15 - windows 8 64 on Dell Mini 

So the conclusion is that Yes! Windows 64 bit does install okay on the netbook. Having 2GB of ram does not deter the installation and the netbook does not feel slow in anyway. In fact, it feels a bit more snappy compared to the default Windows 7 Starter.

I hope this post is helpful to all Mini 1012 users out there who are contemplating on installing Windows 8 on this little machine 🙂



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  1. If the driver that is missing is “multimedia controller” it’s the bluetooth card (you can try the windows 7 drivers, i wasn’t able to get it to work, there is no windows 8 driver, yet) if it’s “video controller” that’s the TV card – driver’s available on

  2. Thanks J ollrich for that advice. I will be sure to try that out.

  3. I tried it but Windows did not have video drivers. I got them from Intel.

  4. This is fantastic. Was looking to install windows 10 on the 1012, and wasn’t sure if 32 or 64bit…glad to know before i went installing 32 bit!

  5. It’s really to bad the CPU is so under powered in the 1012, We put Win 10 on it (upgraded to 2GB ram) but it can’t even handle YouTube at 360P without dropping a bunch of frames (choppy).

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