HP Microserver N40L and N54L – Dust Filter Mod

HP Microserver aficionados are probably already well aware of this mod so I won’t discuss too much into this. I had wanted to do the same dust filter mod much earlier but was just too lazy. So after some heavy boxing day shopping done earlier today, I decided I should sit down and do some “real” work.

The front door of the HP microserver essentially comprises two components: A plastic panel with perforated holes and a metal frame behind (also perforated with holes) that gives the door strength and rigidity. Here is what the dissembled door looks like. There are several catches at the top of the door that tie the two components together. The door locking mechanism obviously will need to be dismantled first.


I had some leftover dust filter used for another PC so I will just use those. The dust filter should ideally not introduce too much air resistance in such a way that air is unable to be drawn into the box. The material of the dust filter is pretty much a trial and error process. Some people reported success using insect netting, some even use woman’s stockings (seriously). The dust filter material I use is quite thin and not too dense to deter air flow too much but only time will tell.


I cut the filter material to be slightly smaller than the door (obviously) and then proceed to assemble the door together.



Here is a close up look at the rear of the door with the dust filter sandwiched between the two door components.


Here comes the problem! The dust filter is apparently slightly too thick for the job and the front panel does not mate well with the rear metal frame. So I think the dust filter material would need to be even thinner to get a good fit. As I don’t have other types of dust filter in the house to re-do the mod, and I am not keen to use my wife’s stockings here…I decided to “force” the door components together.


The door now looks like this:


And when the door is closed and locked into place, the front of the Microserver now looks like this:


I am going to observe how this thing is going and if I need to re-do the mod again….but for now, this will have to do 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

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