Crucial M550 SSD 128GB – Kernel Data Inpage Error

On my HTPC, I have a Crucial M550 128GB SSD which I bought about 2 months back. For whatever reasons it is now throwing up a BSOD error with a mystical error message called “KERNEL DATA INPAGE” error everytime I started the HTPC. It would appear that this error is related to how the hard drive and RAM is being accessed by the PC.

I have now upgraded the firmware on the M550 from the stock MU01 version to MU02. I have also updated the Intel Storage RST driver to the latest version. The issue with the SSD persists. 😦

Looks like I will have to request for an RMA from Crucial which will not be a fun process. We will see how this turns out. This is the first time I have used Crucial’s SSD and the experience does not bode well with my expectations so far.

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  1. Abigail Vaughan

    RUN command sfc / scannow / r that scans system files, detects corrupted files and repairs them,
    bootsect / NT60 c: \ which repairs the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the hard drive hosting the OS. (Know that if the keypad does not work, just use the numeric keys from the top of the keyboard letters)
    chkdsk c: / f / r which checks the partition of the hard drive on which is the OS (windows ), in general C: (Note, this check can only be executed after a restart of the machine).
    follow the steps in the below document to make sure that all the hardware components on the computer are working fine.
    Solution 1.Test Hard disk drive (HDD)
    Solution 2.Test Random-access memory (RAM)

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