Claiming warranty from Belkin for lightning surge damages? Don’t waste your time.

So my LG TV and HTPC were both damaged during a freak lightning storm that happened on 29th Jan 2015. The event happened in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. Both TV and HTPC were switched off but obviously they were still physically connected to the Belkin surge powerboard.

Belkin offers a “connected equipment warranty” for the owners of their surge power boards so I thought I should give them a try. Belkin says that the claim must be launched within 15 days of the date of occurence. I went to the website (, fill up all the information and submit the claim form a few days from the lightning incident. I also packaged and sent them the original Belkin powerboard as this is part of their requirement. Everything was done by the book.

Several weeks later, a gentleman call me to tell me that they are progressing the claim. I thought wow…this is great news.

No news since….launched a help ticket via the website…automated email return to say that I must contact technical support via the 1800 numbers during office hours.

Tried calling them a few times, the 1800 numbers just don’t work (i.e. no dial tone from my end)….and when the phone did get through, I am directed via automated machine to another number and eventually I reached a dead end…it goes like this:

Dial 1800-235-546……enter 4 for claim….and the machine re-directed me to call 1300-554-780. Hang up the phone and dial 1300-554-780. Phone get through and an answering machine says that the number has been changed to 1800-235-546. Duh?

It is now 15th June..5 months from the time I submitted the original claim and I still have yet to hear anything from Belkin. Not another phone call, not an email, nada.

So if anyone has successfully claimed anything from Belkin for damages due to lightning surges, I say good on you and all the power to you. But for me, I gave up. For the rest of you who is just going through the same ordeal as me, my advice to you is….Don’t Waste your time with Belkin.

Edit: 2015.07.05

Okay. 7 months into the first submission, Belkin now bothers to respond to my warranty claim. They returned the original powerboard to me with this letter. See below.


So in short….my TV was damaged during a lightning storm and Belkin disclaimed all responsibilities.

The question remains: If there is nothing wrong with the surge powerboard as claimed by Belkin, why would my TV die during a freak lightning storm. I don’t think Belkin wanted to answer that.

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