Microsoft Surface Pro4 – Incipio Feather Hybrid Case – DIY fix (sort of) to kickstand issue

This is an update to the earlier blog post “Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Incipio Feather Hybrid Case“.

While I think the Incipio Feather Hybrid case is pretty good for the SP4, I am constantly annoyed that the case will easily become detached with the kickstand every time I am trying to raise the kickstand from its close/collapse position. See the following picture. The moment I use a finger to lift off the flap, the kickstand comes detached. Very annoying indeed.


The root of the problem is that the plastic clip attachment is just too small to grip the kickstand properly.


This is clearly a design issue. I am disappointed that Incipio’s design team fail to see such a glaring issue before the product is being mass produced.

The kickstand in its collapsed position will sit flush within the frame and there is a thin rubber groove that secured the kickstand during transit.


Initially I thought of filing this groove away so that it is easier to lift the kickstand but I think this would be a poor solution to the issue. The better DIY solution I have found is to use a rubber band to secure the case flap to the kickstand. Any rubber band will do. I use those ones that come with groceries shopping 🙂


While this will work to a certain extent, it makes the SP4 feel so cheap….at least that is what it feels to me, mentally that is…

So I think if I am going to go with this solution, the least I can do is to use a slightly more respectable elastic band. I went to Spotlight and found some elastic bands that people use for clothing. The idea is to find a type that is super thin and yet elastic. I don’t know if I looked hard enough however, but I bought this one in the end. I bought 1m. Cost me Aud $4.99.


So I measured the width of the SP4, ensuring that the elastic band is overall a lot shorter in length so that it stretches hard to secure the flap and the kickstand. This is what I get.


The only place where the elastic band can be positioned is where there is a recessed notch in the frame itself.


I find that while the flap will still sit flush within the frame, it will be even better of the elastic band is thinner still. The elastic band that I use is slightly thick. It is not too bad however. So I might go to Spotlight again next week to see if I can improve the DIY design.

The final DIY mod looks like this. Not too shabby I think. At least it is a lot better than using rubber band from groceries store! 🙂


After using this for several days, I would add that this will mitigate the issue somewhat although in a non-so elegant manner. It would have to do for now.

Future improvement:

  1. Buy a thinner elastic band from Spotlight or possibly from eBay. I have not researched enough.

I hope this helps anyone currently using the Incipio Feather Hybrid case and are experiencing the same type of frustration as me.

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