Surface Pro 4 Annoyance – Microsoft Store Error

With my SP4, I have been having issues with the Microsoft Store lately and cannot seem to overcome the cryptic error 0x80070005 which looks like this.

Microsoft Store Error

Yes. I have run “sfc /scannow” at a console windows with admin rights. Not fruitful.

Also tried to delete all the cache files in “C:>users>user_name>AppData>Local>Packages>Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe>Local cache” folder. Let me check again. Nope. It is still not working.

Also tried running wsreset with admin rights. Not working.

I have also followed this instruction (, download the SubInACL tool, install it, create a Reset.cmd file using the copy and paste code, run it with Admin rights. Everything by the book. The script will run but what alarms me is the amount of failed items in the console and the number of errors increase ten fold by the second. In short. Nothing works.

Reset.cmd errors

After spending all the time googling, I find that most so called help forums are essentially copy and pasted from one another. There are no real solution. Not that I am aware anyway.

Some people suggested to reinstall Windows 10 again. This kind of solution is absurd. I spent hours installing all the software onto the Surface and now someone conveniently say we should just reinstall Windows and start afresh.

Some people suggested a less drastic measure such as to restore Windows 10 to the previously known good state. The problem with this approach is that this error is not fixed at its root level and reverting to the previous known stage will only delay the error from popping up again and not curing it.

I have now tried so many so called “solutions” on the web to the point I am ready to break. Sometimes I really hated Microsoft for what they are doing.

So TL:DR….I haven’t been able to find a solution to fix the SP4 store issues yet. It may never get fixed. The way forward for me is to stop using Microsoft Store apps for now. Stick to normal Windows desktop software.

This is a rant post. I don’t think anyone would enjoy reading this. I certainly do not enjoy writing it.






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