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Crucial M550 SSD 128GB – Kernel Data Inpage Error

On my HTPC, I have a Crucial M550 128GB SSD which I bought about 2 months back. For whatever reasons it is now throwing up a BSOD error with a mystical error message called “KERNEL DATA INPAGE” error everytime I started the HTPC. It would appear that this error is related to how the hard drive and RAM is being accessed by the PC.

I have now upgraded the firmware on the M550 from the stock MU01 version to MU02. I have also updated the Intel Storage RST driver to the latest version. The issue with the SSD persists. 😦

Looks like I will have to request for an RMA from Crucial which will not be a fun process. We will see how this turns out. This is the first time I have used Crucial’s SSD and the experience does not bode well with my expectations so far.