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Pentax K-3 – ACMAXX LCD Screen Protector

Since using my Pentax K100D, I have always used an LCD screen protector to protect the rear screen of my DSLRs. I am not referring to those thin film type but those with a hard glass surface. In the past I have always used the GGS screen protectors from eBay and I never have any issues with them. I have used the GGS protectors for my K100D, K-30, K-7, K-01, even my S95 compact. Many other people have successfully used the ACMAXX hard glass protectors to good effect. I am sure they are right….but the GGS protectors cost a lot less so they are my first choice here.

Unfortunately, GGS does not make any screen protector (at least not yet) for the K-3 so I am forced to go somewhere else. Fortunately ACMAXX do have screen protectors tailored for the K-3 but some forumers have reported that the ACMAXX ones they received are slightly too small. Some forumers stated that theirs are exactly the same size….so it seems to me ACMAXX does not have very good consistency over this particular screen protector. I purchased the protector from this seller called onlinefred62. Delivery from USA to Australia takes about 3 weeks or so. I paid USD$18.99 + USD5.99 for shipping. A bit pricey so I hope the thing is worth it. The good thing is that the package comes with a rear screen protector plus a top screen protector.

The rear screen protector measures 70mm wide x 49mm tall (measured edge to edge). The top screen protector is not rectangle in shape as it is tailored made to suit what the K-3 actually have.

This is what the rear screen protector will look.

screen protector

As usual, clean the screen before putting the screen protector on. The screen protector is slightly smaller lengthwise to the K-3’s screen. The height is perfect however. You can see the gap in this photo. As the gap is pretty big to my taste, I am not too pleased at first.

small gap

Fortunately it is not too difficult to remove the protector from the screen so I did that and try again. Takes some fine adjustment to position the protector exactly the way I wanted. This is how it finally looks on my K-3:

screen protector 2

There is still a small gap on both sides but it is a lot better than earlier. It it what it is.

The top LCD protector is slightly better. I would have liked the width to be wider by another 1mm but it is fine as it is.

top screen protector

This is how the camera now looks like:

screen protector 3

Overall I am pleased with the ACMAXX. I hope this post is helpful to any pentaxians who are looking to buy a screen protector for their K-3. Thanks for reading.