1. Ajay Kumar Polu

    Dear Joseph

    Iam an ameture Photographer residing in the city of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh State, India.I recently got the rare collection of you and your camera magazine from one of my friend. Iam so fascinated by the content in the magazine. From then onwards iam looking for the entire collection of that great magazine. While searching on the net i fond your blog where in i came to know that you have digizd the entire collection. I heartily congratulate and appreciate the magnificiant effort you put in to save this invaluable literature on photography,How can i get the collection. If you can advise in this regard i will be greatful to you sir.

  2. Hi Ajay, thanks for stopping by. I think the best bet for you would be the local flea market and if that is not an option, eBay would be the best bet. Good luck!

  3. Hello Joseph, I am a hobby photographer. I saw you have you and your camera, interested in seeing these. Would you sell a copy of your scans? Did you scan all 96

  4. Hi there, just wondering, have you ever tried using the Incipio Feather Hybird case with the new dock? Because it seems the dock connector is larger than the charger, I wonder if they work together.


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