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XBox – Rest in peace :-(

This year’s summer we are seeing more spectacular lightning activities than previous years. I was awaken by the thunderstorm at around 3am on 29th Jan 2015 only to find out that we have lost electricity to the house. Seeing that the thunderstorm is getting heavier, I proceed to disconnect all the power cables and phone cables connected to the wall outlets before returning to bed.

When morning comes and I am ready to power up the NAS’es, I realized that the TV is cooked, the modem is gone and the USB powered hub connecting between the scanner/printer and the Buffalo linkstation NAS is also non-functional. In addition, my trusty XBOX HTPC is also dead!

Fortunately, all the NAS’es survived the ordeal. The HP N40L. N54L and the linkstation quad are all still churning away nicely. That is a relief.

For the next few days, I spent some time to troubleshoot the hardware for the XBox and concluded that the motherboard and CPU are totally dead. It would appear that the surge is strong enough to kill the motherboard and the CPU in one hit.

So I sat down and have a long hard look at the XBOX, trying to decide if I should resurrect the box by replacing all the hardware parts. In the end I decided that I should just let my XBOX rest in peace. It has served us well for the past 2.5 years and has indeed served its purpose. This is the end of its legacy. RIP Xbox.