All about Phones

Here are the articles I have blogged about this topic:

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My first Android phone – HTC Evo3D

A Simple Guide to Rooting the HTC EVO3D GSM (Hboot 1.49.0018), Installing the LeeDroid v5.4 ROM and Unity3b Kernel.

Google Play Store and Prepaid Credit Card

Life with rooted HTC EVO3D GSM

A Simple Guide to Improve the Battery Life of HTC EVO3D

A quick review of Microsoft Lumia 640XL Dual Sim LTE

  1. Hello Joseph!
    Do you have an article on how to merge 2 pdf’s together in Scansnap?

    Here is an excerpt from one of your blogs…. would love to know how to do this – you say i’t really easy. hooray…

    Pressing “Option” button will reveal the above dialog box. This is what I think is the most important setting of ScanSnap Organizer. I prefer to generate a pdf file per paper scan. This is so that I don’t have to bother grouping the document types when i put them into the document feeder. So I can stack a dentist bill + car repair bill + bank statement into the feeder in 1 go and ScanSnap will generate a pdf file for each pieces of paper. If I need to group pages together,
    I can “merge” the pdf files really easily using ScanSnap.

    Beware though that by setting the scanner this way, a 2 page document will be saved as 2 files.

    thank you!

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