Buffalo Linkstation

The Buffalo Linkstation is a capable NAS. Here are some articles to make the most of it.

Setting up the Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro LS-QVL/R5 NAS (Part 1)

Setting up the Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro LS-QVL/R5 NAS (Part 2)

Setting up the Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro LS-QVL/R5 NAS (Part 3)

Setting up the Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro LS-QVL/R5 NAS (Part 4)

Buffalo Quad Pro – Various Bits and Pieces

USB drive sharing between Buffalo NAS and Windows 7

Buffalo Quad Pro and IPKG – \opt gone after reboot

Hard Drive Temperature Monitoring using Smartctl and RRDTool on Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro NAS

Rsync and Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro LS-QVL/R5

Network Speed Performance with Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro

What do the error/information codes indicate? (LS-WVL, LS-WXL series)

Buffalo Quad Pro and Shonk’s Firmware v1.43 mod1c

Buffalo Quad Pro – Yellow Alert!

Buffalo Quad Pro – HDD Spindown?

Buffalo Quad Pro – Nailing a New Email Notification Feature

Itunes v10.5 break Buffalo Linkstation’s iTunes Server

Rsync and Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro LS -QVL/R5 – Part 2 – A Better Rsync client using QtdSync

Belkin Conserve Insight and Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro

Buffalo Quad Pro – Where are the Serials?

Buffalo Quad Pro – Network USB Navigator and Multi-function Printer/Scanner

Buffalo Quad Pro – Updating to Shonk’s Firmware v1.64 Mod1 and reverting to v1.63 Mod1

Buffalo Quad Pro – Enabling AirPrint on Non-AirPrint Printers

Updating the Linkstation Quad Pro with GaryT’s firmware v1.69 “Chris”

  1. Hi Joseph,

    I just bought a Linkstation pro and I found your blog very useful.

    My main problem now is that I would like to install ownCloud on my Linkstation using the webserver but unfortunately it requires PHP v5.3 and above and the current firmware only includes 5.1xx.

    Have you played with this before?

    I think that I should be able to upgrade by rooting the linkstation but I’m not quite sure of the impact it will have if PHP is upgraded (I will probably need to upgrade MySQL)


  2. Hi there. I have not tried to update php on my Quad Pro. You might be able to do it by installing from ipkg. Worth a try I guess. And yes. You would need to root the NAS first. Good luck!

  3. Hi Joseph,

    I just purchased a LS-QVL/E-AP but i was not able to config it properly… I found your page while searching around for the solution… Hope that you can give me some advice…

    When i power on the unit, the LED blinks 6 times in equal interval. What should be the error code? And i cannot power it off by holding the power button. I have to power off by the switch at the back of the unit.

    What should i do next to get the unit recognized by my PC? Thank you in advance.


  4. What a great site!

    Please contact buffalo if you need future help on any of our products

  5. Hi Joseph – great blog, you have saved me hours of trial and error with setting up my Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro – just got a few hours of reading ahead of me!

    Regards – Dave coles

  6. Hello Joseph,

    I just finished to setup my newly Linkstation, Thank you very much for your blog : it saves me a bunch of time !



  7. I’m following your format for cohabitating DropBox and Spider Oak on my computer. As a programmer of the 1980s turned physician of the 1990s and biologist of more recent times, the software has gotten beyond my level of sophistication. I like stuff that gets me on and off the computer quickly. Thanks for all that you do! Em Segmen

  8. My link station 2 TB 2 drive has a solid orange light. What should I do if anything about it?

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